Friday, December 22, 2017

The Three Amigos

Early this morning Glenn Reuben, John West and I went birding at Castle Rock Bay, just to the north of Lake Havasu City.  Glenn and John are shown in the photo scanning the marshy area of the Colorado River on this section the Mohave National Wildlife Refuge.  These beautiful water ways are in a way John's office.  This is were he paddles his kayak on almost a daily basis, and where he takes a lot of his amazing photos that find their way to his website: Glenn has spent a couple of weeks boon docking in nearby Craggy Wash, so consequently he has spent a fair number of hours here too. We had about as much fun as three elder adults can have scrambling up and down rocky mesas looking for better views of the water fowl in the many water ways. Click here to see our bird list with photos.