Monday, December 18, 2017

Continuing to Bird at Davis Camp

Jeanette and Glenn working at identifying a bird

We were out early this morning to bird and continued all morning.  In fact this has been our theme here at Davis Camp since arriving on Friday.  Every morning Jeanette and I and Buster join with Glenn for a morning bird walk.    Afternoons are usually spend relaxing, working on photos and bird lists, and puttering with the RV.  Yesterday we put in a new USB port back by the bed to be able to charge our iPhones at night.  Our solar system, augmented by some generator use at meal time to power the micro-wave,  is keeping our batteries charged and allowing us to charge up or iPhones, iPad, laptop, and camera as well as provide the electricity for lights, and appliances.  Tomorrow will mark the 5th day at this location with out electrical hook-ups. We originally paid for two nights of camping here, but then added another three nights to match with Glenn. This morning was or largest bird count with a total of 40 different species identified.  You can see our list of birds and photos here. Tomorrow the plan is to bird on the other side of the river on the Laughlin Riverwalk Trail, then on Wedsday move on to Lake Havasu and camp at Craggy Wash.

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