Saturday, May 18, 2019

Birding and Biking in Vernonia

A week ago we met up with our friends Gary and Judy Dinsmore at the Keizer Elks where they had stopped on their way back to Oregon from their winter in Texas.  We spent the  morning birding at the Keizer Rapids City Park, and over lunch Judy asked Jeanette what we were doing next weekend.  That led to a plan for this weekend to meet and camp together at Anderson Park in Vernonia.  We met the Dinsmores years ago in Arizona, when Gary showed up for one of my bird walks at Lake Havasu State Park.  We quickly discovered that we had quite a few things in common besides RVing and birds.  Both couples had a long history of bicycling. But by the time we met them our cycling days had ceased. That changed this weekend.  Jeanette and I got back on the bikes and rediscovered  our love of cycling. 

getting ready to ride from our campsites

We started our morning with a birding on our bikes around Vernonia Lake.  This was a first for all four of us, and it worked out great.  We would ride along until we saw something and then stop and all get a look and maybe some photos.
our crew at Vernonia Lake

After our birding trip around the lake and a short break, we left the camera and binoculars in camp and took off to explore more of the Banks-Vernonia State Trail. It was great to find ourselves immersed in the cycling experience again. Back to Vernonia we stopped in for lunch at The Black Iron Grill.   

The Black Iron Grill

Our afternoon included for me working on bird lists and photos, and we all got in some resting as well as planning our next rendezvous. Jeanette and I are committed to continue including biking on our RV escapades.  Thank you Gary and Judy for getting us pedaling again.