Saturday, December 9, 2017

San Lorenzo County Park - King City

We actually did not arrive in King City by train yesterday as it may look from Jeanette's pose, we drove here in our Serenity after our two day stay at Mercedes-Benz of Santa Jose. The "check engine light" has remained off, but it will probably be awhile before we get our confidence back. After a stop at Safeway to stock up on groceries we checked into the campground.  We were the only campers, except for three sets of host. As the day closed out two more RV's rolled in.  This is a 100 site campground, so we are definitely not crowded.  San Lorenzo Park is one of our all time favorites.   An extensive collection of farm equipment and a excellent museums can keep a traveler occupied for days. We always come here to heal for a few days after dealing with all the congestion of the Bay Area.

With lots of trees and trails it is an ideal birding spot. We always get in some good walking and find lots of interesting birds.  Click here for yesterday afternoon's bird list.

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