Friday, December 29, 2017

Learning the Trails of Cattail Cove

Jim & Buster with Lake Havasu in the background

Every day we are hiking a diffent trail here at Cattail Cove State Park in an effort to become familiar with the total trail system.  Yesterday afternoon we did the McKinney Loop trail and this morning we did the Wayne's Way trail. The trails we have to hike yet are, Ripley's Run, Ted's Trail, and Whyte's Retreat.   Because we have our RV set up right next to the trailhead, one of our responsibilities will be to answer any questions hikers might have. As you can see from the photos the terrain is not flat here, but climbs and descends numerous gulleys, washes and canyons, so we are getting in a nice cardio work out every day. We already feel we are starting to settle into a good rhythm of eat, sleep, and exercise.

Jeanette & Buster on the descent down into Boat Launch Wash

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