Monday, December 11, 2017

Seeking Birds in the Desert

Great Egret

This morning as we traveled east from the town of Tahachapi, we stopped to do some birding at California City, which is in the Mohave Desert.  For years as we have crossed the Mohave on Interstate 40 on our way to Arizona we would drive past a sign pointing across an endless view of Creosote Bush to an out of site California City. Last spring as we were traveling through we actually took the turn off to see what was California City.  Here amongst the dried out tumble weed was a town layed out, half empty, but with a city park with some ponds.  In the desert where there is water, there are birds to be found. Last year when we stopped we were deterred by a "No Dogs" sign at the park entrance.  But this year a friendly local informed us that it didn't really mater, and that lots of people walked their dogs in the park.  We were set, and off we went for our morning bird walk.  You can see our bird list here

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