Monday, September 28, 2009

Camp Sherman Store

Camp Sherman is the hub of activity in the Metolius River Recreation Area, and the Camp Sherman Store is the very center of that hub. It is a must stop. We have been enjoying coffee and pastries, great sandwiches, groceries and fishing supplies this past week.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

One-Month Anniversary

Today marks the one-month anniversary of taking delivery of our new Holiday Rambler. We have lived in it every day since, except for four days when we had to be back in Elkton for the Fort Umpqua Days Pageant. The major places we have camped have been Silver Falls State Park, Champoeg State Park, Diamond Lake Campground, and here at Black Butte RV Park on the Metolius River.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Metolius River

Jeanette and I are here on the Metolius River for a week to enjoy its crystal clear waters, hike its scenic trails, and enjoy the great fall colors. There is probably no other area I have returned to so consistently in the past 40 years as the Metolius River. I have fly fished it clear waters, hiked, mt biked, and backpacked the river-side trails, camped in tents, campers, vans, trailers, and motor homes in every campground. It still captures my attention and casts a spell of awe with its beauty.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Crater Lake

On Tuesday morning, the wind was blowing at Diamond Lake so strong that Dan and I agreed not to go fishing. Instead, a bunch of us decided to go up to Crater Lake for the day. Friend Eddie Harrod showed up in time to go with us. We enjoyed a tour of the rim road, and concluded with a wonderful lunch at Crater Lake Lodge. Pictured are Dan, Charlene, Eddie, Michael, Jeanette, & Melissa.

Friends and more Friends

I have been so busy fishing, biking, and hiking here at Diamond Lake that is hard to find time to post. Our collection of friends has continued to grow. Joining Dan & Charlene and Jeanette and I here at Diamond Lake Campground on Sunday were Michael & Melissa. On Monday Gregory and Trudy arrived, followed shortly by Greg and Linda. Here is a photo of us all enjoying dinner together at our campsite on Monday evening.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Diamond Lake

I’m never sure how many people read my blog or care, but just in case a few do, I’ll post a quick update. We did make it to Diamond Lake on Friday with our friends Dan & Charlene. We have been so busy having so much fun that I haven’t had time to take many photos or post to the blog. Yesterday morning Dan & I fished and caught some nice fat rainbows. Jeanette & Charlene got in a three mile morning walk. After lunch we all road our bikes on the eleven mile trail around the lake, stopping for pie and coffee at the Lodge. For dinner we had fresh trout cooked on the barbeque. Today, Elkton friends Michael and Melissa will be joining us, and tomorrow more Elkton friends Gregory & Trudy will also join us. We have good Verizon service here, so we can be contacted easily and that’s what enables me to post this morning.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Today is turning out to be a catch-up-day. Living on the road is fun and exciting, but some times it good to just take a day to get caught up with some of the details of everyday life. We started out with what we hope is a successful fix on the refrigerator in the motor home. Next was a trip to Fred Meyer for groceries and such. Then some time for me working on Cascade Ramblings and Jeanette paying bills on-line while we are parked in FM parking lot. Next we will be dumping the tanks, and hopefully a wash job of the motor home at Mark’s house. We spent last night and will tonight in a driveway of Mark’s neighbor. Tomorrow is on to Diamond Lake.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Lemons to Lemonade

Mark & Jeanette at Todd Lake Trailhead.---- Last night while camped at Elk Lake in our new motor home our refrigerator went on the fritz and refused to stay running. I got up half a dozen times during the night to restart it, and came to the conclusion we would have to abort our plans for hiking and drive into Bend to have it repaired. In the early morning we pulled up stakes and drove the motor home to Jerry’s RV Repair. We left it for the day and called my brother Mark to see if we could hang out with him. We were sitting around in his living room, kind at lose ends, when he said, “hey we could still go hiking”. A short discussion followed of ideas where to go, It took me a few minutes to shift gears from worrying about the motor home to consider having some fun for the day. Eventually Marks enthusiasm won out, he packed us up some lunches, and soon we were piled into his car and headed for Todd Lake.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Central Oregon

Those who know their geography will recognize the photo as the Three Sisters from the Eastside. This was taken this morning with the poor sisters devoid of their usual covering of snow. Yesterday we left the Willamette Valley and climbed up over the Santiam Pass to spend a week in the Central Cascades. We spent the night parked in the driveway of friends Dan and Charlene in Tollgate. Today we traveled on through Bend, up past Mt Bachelor on Century Drive and past Sparks Lake, Devils Lake, and Elk Lake. This afternoon I am posting from our campsite in Little Fawn Campground on the Eastside of Elk Lake. Amazing that we have Verizon service here! Tomorrow, Wednesday, the plan is to hike the Six Lakes Trail to Blow and Doris Lakes. My brother Mark, and our friend Dan will be joining us. By Friday we will move our set on to Diamond Lake.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


This marks the spot where the historic vote took place in 1843 that started the process which eventually lead to Oregon becoming a state of the United State of America. Trappers, traders, and settlers, gathered outside of the Hudson Bay Store at Champoeg to take their stand, and after much heated discussion, voted 52 to 50 in favor of forming a provisional government. All 52 persons that voted for it are listed on this kiosk.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Buster goes to Butteville

We are out rambling around again in our new Holiday Rambler. At the present time we are set up in Champoeg State Park for three nights. Today we rode our fold-up bikes to the historic Butteville General Store on the bike path and let Buster run along with us. He has hiked with us to the Butteville Store and back before, but this is the first time he has run all the way, which was five miles! He loved it! Maybe he thinks we normally walk too slow.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fort Umpqua Opening

This afternoon we attended the opening ceremony for Fort Umpqua. This is a replica of the Hudson Bay Company’s trading post, Fort Umpqua that stood along the banks of the Umpqua River here in the Elkton area from 1836 to 1851. The new Fort Umpqua is located on the grounds of the Elkton Community Education Center on the west end of Elkton.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary and Congratulations to son Michael and daughter-in-law Robin who met during the Eugene Celebration five years ago this weekend!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Back in Elkton

We are now back to our life in Elkton. Jeanette did her 6:30 AM excise with the LUMPS. We had our morning coffee at Tomaselli’s Pastry Mill and caught up with many of our close friends. I got a haircut, Buster got in his walk, and many odds and ends got tended to around the house. Tonight we participate in the rehearsal for this year’s pageant, Echoes of the Umpqua, which will be a part of the Fort Umpqua Days celebration this Saturday and Sunday.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Month of Blogging

My first Blog was posted on August 2, so I have now been blogging for a month. It’s turned out to be a fun experience for me, and I am looking forward to continuing. Thanks again Michael!

This was our last night out on the road; we stayed at Pass Creek County Park and ate at the Rock City Pizza. This morning we will drive to Elkton and spend a few days helping with the Ft Umpqua Days Pageant. We’ll probably climb back in the motor home as soon as we can, as we’re loving the RV life.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Gills Landing

The RV Park at Gill’s Landing in Lebanon is a real hidden gem. We stopped here for just an overnighter to be able to show our new Holiday Rambler to Kathy and Gary, but ended up enjoying two nights here. It’s a relatively new park, constructed in 2004, with concrete RV pads, paved roadways, restrooms with showers, cable TV & Internet and the greenest manicured lawns I have ever seen. Located on the banks of the South Santiam River with lots of trees and shade, it connects with Lebanon’s River Park and Lebanon’s growing trail system. At this point the RV Park is largely undiscovered, most sites were unoccupied, and we enjoyed two very quiet days here which helped us settle in to our new digs. This park is a “must” on our return list.