Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Bernal Community Park

Yesterday morning we moved from Mary's drive- to the Fairgrounds RV Park to be able to dump our waste tanks.  We also took on fresh water, and charged up everything. It's 40 dollars for a back-in site or 60 for a pull thru.  Back-in was fine with us. In route we stoppped at Bernal Community Park, just accross Bernal Ave from the Fairgrounds. This is a huge new park of 318 acres with a sports complex, miles of walking paths, and most important to us, wetlands. This was a fantastic find. Birding exceeded all expectations, and is definitely a must stop for us in the future. It's a site that will just continue to improve for birds as all the recent planting of shrubs and trees mature and provide more cover, shade, and nesting opportunities. We identified 30 species and took lots of photos.  You can see our list and photos here

White-tailed Kite

This morning we will be traveling on the San Jose to the Mercedes-Benz dealership for our "check engine light" situation.  Stay tuned.