Sunday, December 3, 2017

Pinole Visit

Jeanette & Tony
Yesterday morning we drove to Pinole for a visit with son Tony, his wife Maggie, and their son Bobby.  In the afternoon, Bobby had some friends over to play with, so Tony joined Jeanette and I and Buster on a nice walk on the Pinole Creek Trail.  The weather was perfect, the walk down and back up the hill was good exercise and of course we made up a bird list, which you can see here.

We are set up in the Serenity at the curb in front of Tony & Maggies house, as we have on past trips, but this trip because we now have a 180 watt solar panel we have not needed to plug in to their electricity.  Our system seems to be working great, each day the sun powers up the solar panel which charges up our batteries. From the batteries we are able to have lights, run the furnace, TV, and charge up my laptop, our cell phones and Jeanette's iPad.  We had good sunshine yesterday, so our system was on float for three and a half hours.  Float means, that the controller cuts back the power from the solar panel, because the batteries are full. Cloudy and rainy days the controller will stay on bulk charge with the batteries taking all the electricity the panel produces.

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  1. Jeanette & Tony! I hope you got a good visit.

    So glad you have the extra freedom that the solar will provide. Sounds like a great system.