Sunday, December 17, 2017

Davis Camp County Park

Ever since our friend Glenn Reuben left Oregon in October to roam the sunny South-West for the winter, we have been itching to catch up with him. Glenn is one of the few people we know that is perfectly aligned with us in our love for RVing and birding.  At last we are now camped with him on the banks of the Colorado River here at Davis Camp County Park.  We are set-up together, he with his pick-up and 5th wheel, and us with our Serenity. Our wandering routes finally came together here on Friday and we have been birding our brains out for the past two days and will probably stay three more. We discovered this park last winter in January and made a second stop in March. This Mohave County Park is a left over from the construction days of Davis Dam, one of the many dams that control the Colorado River in an effort to harvest water and electricity for the demanding urban populations of Los Angeles and Phoenix and beyond.  The park and campground are spread out along the river for about two miles at the foot of Davis Dam, with a combination of full hook-ups, partial hook-ups and dry camping.  We are located in the North Beach dry camping section, and are both making do with solar and generator back-up for our electrical needs. With the river providing habitat for water fowl, and the riparian area with trees and shrubs providing cover and food for other birds,  a diverse population of birds makes for some outstanding birding.  Click here for out bird list with photos from yesterday.
House Finch harvesting dates

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  1. Wow 39 species! Nice list & photos.

    Sounds like the solar is working well ��. Have fun!