Thursday, December 28, 2017

Moving Day

Today was moving day at Cattail Cove State Park.  After six days in the campground in site 49, we moved to our new diggs for the season in the overflow lot.  It took some doing as we had to take into consideration levelness for the refrigerator, and the back of the RV needed to face the sun so that the air-conditioner didn't shade the solar panel. Because of the grade of the parking lot we needed eight inches of blocks unter the front wheels.  Ranger Keith was good enough to construct some blocks made out of 2x8 stacked four high to make us level enough for the refrigerator. Plus he rounded up a picnic table for us. Believe it or not it took all morning to move and get set up.  After lunch we took Buster for a hike on the McKinney Loop Trail.  You can see that we are conveniently locacted right next to the trailhead for the Cattail Coves trail system. The McKinney Loop is the shortest loop of several that make up the complete system.  We will be getting aquainted with them all in the days to come.
Jeanette points out a Double-crested Cormorant

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