Thursday, November 25, 2021

Alder Island Trail

The Alder Island Trail at Siletz Bay National Wildlife Refuge has to be one of our top favorite birding locations.  I checked my records, and this is our twelfth trip there this year. The trail is well maintained, and provides a variety of looks at the Siletz River and the sloughs that surround the island. Yesterday was a cold morning in the mid 30's when we left Dallas and drove through thick fog before some clearing along the Salmon River.  Arriving at the Refuge around 9:30AM it was sill only 42 degrees and a cold wind made it seem even colder. We made the one mile loop around the island before retreating back to the van and its warm furnace to have some hot-chocolate.  This is why we love the van, even for just day trips. It allows us a refuge in all kinds of weather conditions.  Hot chocolate turned into tuna salad sandwiches and chips for lunch before taking a second lap to finish off our outing.  

This is our kind of place, paved roads, an empty parking lot, gravel trails, lots of birds, and a warm van awaiting our return.


Monday, November 1, 2021

North Along the Coast - Day 3 Oct 31

 September 23, 1999

In the fall of 1999, Jeanette and I rode our bikes from Canada to Mexico. This photo was taken in-route on the day we rode from Pacific City to our home in Salem. We had so much more energy in those days! Here is a link to my Trip Journal. 

By comparison, yesterday was pretty much a non-event day.  At daylight we left our parking spot at Blue Heron French Cheese Company in Tillamook, and drove home to the Dallas Retirement Village. We unpacked the van and I gave it a wash job. But in the background in our minds, as we drove Hwy 101 were the many memories of our epic bicycle tour.   

We enjoyed this three day get away to the coast, as we continue to use our new Winnebago Solis Pocket to take us on adventures to birding locations, and provide food and shelter. We have now had the van for two and half months, and have spent 15 nights camped in a variety of locations.  We started out in August in the Cascades and Central Oregon. During September and October we made several trips to the Central and South Coast, the Columbia River Gorge, and now a section of the North Coast.