Saturday, May 28, 2022

Malheur Field Station Escape

Our friends Vern and Anne Beeson, put together this trip, the Dallas Retirement Village Escape to the Malheur Field Station. It's embarrassing that I didn't get a better photo representation of this amazing trip, but I feel compelled to share what I do have. Most of my energy went to establishing eBird observation lists with photos as I could. This four-day, three-night trip took place on May 24-27. Malheur Field Station was our base for lodging and meals. From there, Vern conducted daily trips in the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge for our party of nine persons. We made visits to the Headquarters, Buena Vista Overlook, Diamond Hotel, Diamond Craters, Peter French Round Barn, South Harney Road, Historic P Ranch, and French Glen

Checking for Golden Eagles at nest sites on South Harney Lake Road

Refuge Headquarters' Overlook

Buena Vista Overlook

Diamond Craters

Steens Mountain from Diamond Crater

Happy Hour in E-Dorm


Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Eastern Oregon Adventure

 We are off on a trip to Eastern Oregon to join in with Vern & Anne Beeson's Field Trip to the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge.  The group will be staying in the Malheur Field Station starting Tuesday May 24th, but we left on Sunday, a couple of days earlier to take our time and do some birding and get in a quick visit with family and friends.  Our first night's stop was and Indian Ford Campground, west of Sisters.  The campground was still closed for the season, but we knew a secret way to access the old, decommissioned section and boondocked there. The next morning, we were on to Bend for a stop at Fred Meyer and then to a visit with my brother Mark and his wife Holly, where we got to see their new foldable kayaks, and then a visit with friends Dan and Marlys Lawry where we got to see their remodeled home and their new Road Trek van.

Chickahominy Reservoir Campground was our planned second night stop, but on arrival we found the reservoir completely dry, the wind blowing hard and no birds. A check on the iOverlander app looked like our next possibility would be the Sage Hen State Rest Area, 18 miles west of Burns. 

 This is where we stuck gold! An absolute immaculate Rest Stop, and with good cell service, and Mountain Bluebirds! Then, to top that off, there was a nature trail, as shown in the top photo. (Evidently the sign guy didn't know the correct spelling.)  Here is our bird list

Today were off to join the group at Malheur Field Station, with of course bird stops along the way.