Friday, December 8, 2017

Lake Cunningham Regional Park

We birded at Lake Cunningham for the second day yesterday. It has been a real god-send to have this wonderful park just next door to Mercedes-Benz of San Jose while we have our RV worked on. We have enjoyed so much strolling through the park both mornings, and Buster has enjoyed the abundance of ground squirrels. Be sure and look at our bird list with lots of photos here.  The dealership finished the repairs yesterday afternoon, but we elected to stay the night in their back parking lot rather than starting out for King City and San Lorenzo Regional Park that late in the day.  After lots of diagnosis work the culprit was believed to be a poor connection between the oxygen sensor wire loom and a computer.  They installed some new pins and hopefully the check engine light will stay off.
Buster sniffing out squirrels

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  1. I admire your positive attitude thru the challenges you face!