Thursday, April 9, 2020

Nesmith County Park

Today's adventure choice for a dog/bird walk was Nesmith Park. Located in Rickreall at the Polk County Fairgrounds, it is mere minutes away from our Residence in the Dallas Retirement Village. We first birded here in May of 2011, and it ranks high on our list of favorite locations.  Gravel paths wind above Rickreall Creek through a forest of native trees and shrubs providing a woodsy experience.  Listed on the Polk County website as closed until May 1st, Jeanette made a call to the Fairgrounds office and a friendly lady explained that it was OK to park in the Fairgrounds and walk past the closed gate. We had the park to ourselves as we do on most occasions.
 Our best bird of the day would have to be this Chipping Sparrow.  It's buzzy call first caught our attention high is this fir tree.  Easily confused with imature White-crowned Sparrows, it's smaller size body and bill, and brighter crown, as well as different song defines its species. Check out our bird list here.

The most striking wildflower of the day would be this Pacific Bleeding Heart (Dicentra formosa).  A runner-up would be False Solumon's Seal which still needs some days to get to full bloom.

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