Thursday, April 30, 2020

Buell County Park

Yesterday we took a picnic lunch to go birding at Buell county Park on the banks of Mill Creek.  I couldn't help but reflect on my first visit here 50 years ago.  I brought my wife Joyce, son Michael age 4, and daughter Lisa age 2, for a picnic lunch while I tried out fly fishing for trout.  

The stream still runs clear, the parking lot shaded, the trails wind through the park, the old style restrooms.

On this trip we had the park to ourselves.  My quest was not for trout but for birds.  We wandered the trails and sat at the picnic benches. Jeanette scanned the trees and bushes for birds while I took  photos.  You can see our bird list here.

Buster drank from the stream and dug for critters in the dirt.

In all we enjoyed an escape from our apartment, the warmth of the sunshine, the sweet song of birds, and the sighting  of spring wildflowers. 
 False Solomon's-seal

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