Saturday, April 18, 2020

Buster's Afternoon Walk

As I have been mentioning is previous posts, Buster enjoys a slow start to his day, sleeping in and laying in the sun on our balcony.  But eventually he gets bored and seeks to do something more exciting.  He comes to me and stares me in the face, he starts to pace the floor, and eventually I catch on that Buster wants to go for a walk. So usually after lunch we get it together and take him to a park for a walk for him and some birding for us.  Yesterday we picked the Riverview Park in nearby Independence. It's one he enjoys, the broad concrete walk ways are easy to walk on year around, and an abundance of dog scented grass and shrubs entertains him endlessly. For us, this riverside trail provides us with a wide variety of bird life, eagles, ducks, geese, sandpipers and sparrows. Which brings me to another big reason for our choice of the day, the Osprey nest.

This is the nest that is getting so much attention becasue of the live feed camera that allows people to keep an eye on the Osprey via their smart phones or TV.  If you look at this photo, the object hanging down on the frame is the camera. It is a joint effort of Pacific Power, the Independence Hotel, and the City of Independence. The camera provides a view of the nest unparalleded in the world of bird cams. You can find a link to it in the right-hand column of this blog page under Rambler Recommended Links.

Although we check on the nest many times a day via our phone or via YouTube on our TV, I was interested in checking on the nest at the actual physical location.  We were fortunate to catch some action yesterday outside of the camera's view. The male had just returned to the area and had landed on a post, when he suddenly took off and as we watched we realized he was involved in chasing away two additional intruding Osprey. Be sure and check out the live stream camera, I think egg laying could start any day.

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