Friday, April 3, 2020

An Evening Grosbeak!

Evening Grosbeak
A different bird caught our attention this morning during a quick bird walk at Kingsborough City Park here in Dallas.  We make it a point to get out everyday and visit a park to get in a walk for ourselves and Buster and count and photograph birds. Today we were rewarded with this unusual sighting of a male Grosebeak.  Checking eBird records I found out that this the first sighting of an Evening Grosebeak this season in the combined counties of Polk, Lincoln, Yamhill, and Marion.  In looking closer, it is also been several years sense any have been reported in the Dallas area. Reading in the Field Guide to Birds of Oregon by David Irons (my new favorite bird book), I learned that Evening Grosbeaks, who breed at mid to higher locations, make a spring migrations to the lower elevations of the Willamette Valley to feed on the buds of deciduous trees. Note the buds in the photo. Taking daily birdwalks is what we do, and for the most part we see many of the same birds over and over, but today was great fun to find this some what unusual bird.

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