Saturday, May 30, 2020

Patience Pays Off

White-crowned Sparrow with a mouthful

On Friday morning I went out on a practice route for the bird-walk that I would be leading here at the Dallas Retirement Village on Saturday. We have a number of nesting sites that I am trying to keep tabs on, but because it's that time of year when adults are feeding babies, they are ever so cautious as not to give away the nest location.  The adult White-crowned Sparrow in the photo above caught my attention with his scolding peeps, causing me to pause my travel.  How it could accomplish scolding me with his mouth crammed full of bugs, is a complete mystery. I decided to not heed his warning scolds and patiently wait it out and perhaps discover the nest site.  I backed away behind a gate and the edge of a building to conceal myself and wait.  Still it kept scolding.  I realized that the bright yellow Franz bread delivery truck backed up to the building might be what it was actually upset with, so I waited.  Eventually the driver finished his delivery and left, and to my good fortune the bird ceased its scolding and flew to another post, then down to the ground, and after circling a couple of rose bushes, entered the particular bush containing the nest. I waited for it to leave and then did a quick shearch and took a photo with my cell phone shown below.
baby White-crowned Sparrows

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