Friday, May 15, 2020

Nesting Update

Keeping track of bird nesting activity here at the Dallas Retirement Village is becoming a very engrossing activity for me. Here are a varity of experinces from this morning's bird walk. Click on the photos for an enlarged image.

The most exciting find this morning was this  female Western Bluebird setting on her nest.  This pair had shown interest in the nest early on, but never seemed to settle.  There was never any observation of the pair carrying nesting material, then one day a while back I checked the box just to verify my suspicion that a nest had never got started.  To my complete surprise there was a completed nest inside.  I stepped up my observations, trying to visit everyday, still no sign of them coming or going.  This morning I made another check and this is what I found a female setting on her nest.

Another site we checked this morning was this White-crowned Sparrow's nest in a rose bush.  The female exited the nest as I started to investigate, which led to this photo of four eggs. I had last checked it on Monday and there were four eggs then, so I think this is the total and she is now setting.

This female Violet-green Swallow was seen making several trips in and out of the nesting box.  After she left I inspected the box and found an empty nest, so I'm guessing she is putting the final touches in before she starts to lay her eggs.

Another female Violet-green Swallow was checking out this nesting box on NW Bonanza Ave.  House Sparrows were around here earlier this year, but have not taken up residence here.  I realized today that the entrance may be to small for Sparrows, but this Swallow was able to enter.

I think she might have been suprised that a Black-tailed bumble bee possibly had some interest in the box also. (following visits saw the bumble bees coming and going, but not swallows)

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