Sunday, May 10, 2020

A Nest with Eggs!

As I posted last time,  my daily routine here at the Dallas Retirement Village now includes checking several bird nesting sites, and one of the species I showcased was the White-crowned Sparrow who have made a nest in a rose-bush at the Jasper Street walk-in gate. On this morning's rounds I discovered the nest now has three eggs!  Reading up on I learned that White-crowned Sparrows normally have 4 to 5 eggs, so we may have more eggs to come.

Other observations from my morning include a female Violet-green Swallow in a nesting box, a pair of Dark-eyed Junco in a prossible nesting area, Western Bluebirds engaged in breeding activity, and a family of recently fledged House Finches.  You can see my e-Bird observation list here.