Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Overlooked Kingsborough Park

 Jeanette kneeling to get a better look at a bird

Kingsborough Park, located on the western outskirts of Dallas of off Ellendale Ave, is an overlooked park as far as birding is concerned.  Yet, it is rich in bird life, providing us a list of 31 different species yesterday on our morning bird/dog walk there.  We began birding here four years ago, and since then only four other people have ever reported birds to eBird. Here is a link to our bird list and photos from yesterday.    

Rickreall Creek

A big Thank You to the City of Dallas for keeping the city parks open with the limit of Social Distancing in place.

Western Tanager male


  1. You are lucky to have so many good birding spots nearby! I am glad to see all three of you out enjoying the good weather!

  2. Thanks Glenn, it’s the best think we do for ourselves.