Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Bussman's Holiday

Buckskin Mountain State Park

I have been leading Bird Walks at Cattail Cove State Park for two weeks now.  I'm starting to get in a rhythm, knowing where the birds will be and what kind, and enjoying meeting new people each day.  Yesterday was a day off, so we did what any bird crazed people would do, we went birding.  We traveled on down the Colorado River about fifteen miles to Buckskin Mountain State Park for a morning of birding.  Having spent several years volunteering at Buckskin, we always enjoy coming back and birding.  We got a good list of birds and photos which you can see here

Undisclosed Location

Later in the afternoon we moseyed on down the river to this area we know for some stealth camping for the night.  Of course Buster was anxious to go for a walk, so we also made up another bird list, which you can see here. As the sun went down later in the evening, this was the view out our windshield.

Evening Sunset

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  1. Looks like a perfect day off! Love the bird list & bird photos. The RV/palm tree photo looks like it should be in advertising literature.