Thursday, January 18, 2018

Monarch Butterfly

Yesterday afternoon while taking Buster for a walk, a butterfly came filtering past and lit on a Creosote Bush.  Zooming in with my camera I recognized it as the beautiful Monarch Butterfly. If you look closely you can see its proboscis inserted into the flower blossom to harvest nectar.  Well known author Barabara Kingsolver wrote an important book, Flight Pattern, about the plight of the Monarch Butterfly in its struggle against the devastating changes going on with our climate and habitat deforestation.  I was doubly pleased to see this Monarch feeding on nectar from the Creosote Bush.  My understanding is that the Creosote Bush is the most widespread plant of the South West desert, and we have lots of Creosote Bushes here at Cattail Cove State Park, so come on by Monarchs! In light of all the current negativity in politics  and the crumbling support of our natural resources, I am happy to spot light a positive observation.  Maybe that should be my goal for the New Year.

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