Monday, January 8, 2018

People and Birding

During the cold and dark days of winter many people flock to the South-West to enjoy the warmth and sunshine.  RVing makes that migration some what simple, and campgrounds like Cattail Cove State Park fill with folks from near and far. One of the greatest joys for Jeanette and I in leading bird walks is getting to meet new and  wonderful people.  Yesterday Jean and Gary from North Dakota joined our morning bird walk, and we had many discussion of birds familiar to them and different from the birds "back home".

The other great joy for Jeanette and me is the continuing connection with friends met though birding.  Yesterday our good friend John West from Lake Havasu joined us.  We met John while leading bird walks at Lake Havasu State Park in the winter of 2012.  He showed up to see an unusual Yellow-bellied Sapsucker I had observed, and we have been good friends ever since, birding together in both Arizona and Oregon.

Birding is an interesting and engaging experience, but in the end, it's the people you get to share this experience with that make it extra-ordinary.

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