Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Birding at Oxbow Campground

Early morning light on the Colorado

We used our time off this week to travel further south on the Colorado River to camp with friends Glenn Reuben and Rich & Dawn Bailey. All of us have volunteered in the Snowy Plover program on the Oregon Coast in past years.  Glenn has now been camped for almost a week at Oxbow BLM Recreation Area, just across the river from Cibola National Wildlife Refuge, and has been having a fantastic time birding.  The price is right, 15 dollars for a campsite, and half price ($7.50) for us Senior Pass holders. We spent the morning birding with Glenn and Dawn, and Glenn was able to show us all the good spots, like where the Great Horned Owls were roosting, where the Vermilion Flycatcher can been seen, where the Crissal Thrasher roams, and point out Sandhill Cranes flying overhead. You can see our check list with photos here.

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