Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year from Cattail Cove

Today was a day of many firsts at Cattail Cove State Park beyond being the first day of the year.  It was our first day of work with our new official shirts and coats.  It was also First Day Hikes, a national program for state parks that now involves all 50 states to promote state parks and their trails, with a healthy start for the new year with a hike. Being the new kids on the block we had agreed to bring up the rear for the 10:00 hike. When we arrived 20 minute early we discovered that the local newspaper had listed a 9:00 hike, and 30 people had showed up, so the volunteer leaders took off with them, and a park Ranger and his wife, a volunteer, were tapped to fill in, and by 10:00 we had another 20 people show up.  The team of rangers and volunteers at this park are outstanding, and this is just another example of their dedication, service, and flexibility. We feel very fortunate to be starting this year in such a wonderful park as Cattail Cove with such a great team of rangers and volunteers.

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  1. Wow! Sounds like a great team to work with. Love the uniforms. 😎