Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Working Woodpecker

This is the 5th woodpecker I have written about in the last week, so I guess it's some what like a series.  Jeanette noticed this Red-breasted Sapsucker yesterday on the pedestrian bridge over the Yamhill River at the Dayton Landing County Park. I've always assumed that sapsuckers must have weaker bills than their woodpecker kinfolk because they drill such shallow holes in the surface bark of trees to retrive the sap. But here we observed a sapsucker digging out a nesting cavity in this huge solid laminated beam on the suspension bridge.  The top photo shows it at the entrance, then it entered and we could hear it chiseling away, and then it appeared as in the lower photo, spiting out a mouthful of sawdust.  Obvious these are tougher birds than I imagined. 


  1. Great ADVENTURE!! Thank you to our hosts, John and Lorraine West ��

  2. We love the spectacular photos & the delightful narrative regarding the woodpeckers. Keep it coming!