Friday, May 29, 2015

Back to the Office

We had Wednesday and Thursday off from work so we made a quick trip home to check on the house and pick-up things we forgot to bring with us originally. This morning, Friday, we are back at the workplace, which for us are the beaches of the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. Our assigned area today was the beach out from the Oregon Dunes Day Use Area, which means a hike of a mile out over the sand dunes, through the deflation plain, and over the fore dunes to reach the beach. In the above photo Jeanette is checking through a group of Sanderlings.  The lower photo is a close up of a few of the 150 we estimate we saw today.  Sanderlings, a member the Sandpiper Family, are not the birds we are concerned with which are the Western Snowy Plover of which we only saw four. Our job is to interface with beach users to inform them about the importance of staying on the wet sand and staying away from the dry sand on which the Plovers nest.

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