Friday, May 8, 2015

Feeding Day At Our House

Wednesday I spent two hours at the Audubon Reserve trying to get a good photo of a pair of Red-breasted Nuthatches feeding their young.  Yesterday on Thursday I discovered I could just sit on my back porch at home and also have an opportunity to photograph feeding birds.  Our nesting Black-capped Chickadees just started feeding their young, and just like the Nuthatches the babies are not yet making a peep.  While I was sitting and photographing the Chickadees, a Sharp-shinned Hawk flew in and nabbed a House Sparrow in a neighbor's tree.  The hawk was pursued by an angry American Crow which chased the hawk out of the area.  But, back to the chickadees, you may notice the spider it has in its bill. Check out the lower photo for a close-up look.  It's one itsy bitsy spider that will not be going up the water spout again.


  1. Wonderful chickadee-dee-dees, who "de-spider" your property!

  2. Larry Agnew, reminds me of long time blog fan, "Donaldsville Larry" ��