Thursday, March 26, 2015

Violet-green Swallows have Arrived!

Today we had our FOY (first of the year) Violet-green Swallows show up.  We have had Tree Swallows for a few weeks, and I have been eagerly anticipating the first of the Violet-greens. This afternoon I saw the first one in our neighbors tree, which is the one in the above photo, and later I took the lower photo of him inspecting  one of our nesting boxes. This morning we had four Tree Swallows checking out the other nesting box.  Up to this point a pair of Black-capped Chickadees seemed to be the only ones showing interest in either of the boxes, and this afternoon I noticed one very upset chickadee, visibly shaking with his crown sticking straight up. It will be interesting to see how this all shapes up with four interested couples and only two nesting boxes available. 


  1. As landlords it looks like your apartments are in high demand!

    1. This evening a pair of Black-capped Chickadees were coming and going at this nest box. Didn't see the Violet-greens today.

  2. Well Jim, looks like you need more boxes.