Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Osprey Courtship Behavior

Yesterday I reported seeing our first Osprey of the season at Wallace Marine Park.  Today, while I was volunteering at the Audubon Nature Reserve, Jeanette called to report seeing a pair of Osprey cleaning the grass out of a nest site on Murlark Ave. NW.  Later I went by to check and took the following series of photos of their courtship behavior.  They can't have been in the Salem area for long, but they seem pretty serious about their intentions, or at least HE is!


  1. Hmm... seems serious. Do we need to have a Cascade Ramblings censor rating system? ;) Great photos!

    1. I didn't post the more graphic photos. But, then he wasn't really successful, ended up on her shoulders. :o)

    2. Ha, ha, ha. ... guess he is a bit younger & more inexperienced.