Saturday, March 7, 2015

Birds Far and Near

We spent some delightful time today birding at Fairview Wetlands.  It's a long time favorite for us and we revisit it often.  It was especially nice today with the warming temperature and bright sunshine. As I looked through the photos when I got back home, I was struck by the differing distances in the birds we spotted.  The migrating geese against snow covered Mt Hood are many miles away and only noticeable with binoculars. A Coopers Hawk, although a form could be seen with the naked eye, took a close look with the zoomed camera shot to make an identification.  The Killdeer just across the pond could easily be identified with out the aid of camera or binoculars.

Migrating Canada Geese form a chain against the background of Mt Hood.

A Cooper's Hawk waits for Red-winged Blackbirds among the cattails.

A close look at a Killdeer provides a variety of colors.

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