Friday, March 20, 2015

A Walk On Rickreall Creek Trail

A fellow blogger posted recently about the importance of getting outside for her.  She likes to get outside "a lot" was how she described it.  It's been a life long habit for me as well.  It is with out a doubt the healthiest thing I do for myself.  To get outside and exercise, to breath in fresh air, to take in nature's beauty.  Those are life saving events for me.  With my age now close to three quarters of a century, the toll of aches and pains of the body, confusion and forgetfulness of the brain, all get to be quite depressing. Fortunately when I get out to walk and bird, my mind clears and I feel young and energized once again. Yesterday I escaped for an hour to walk and bird and photograph on the Rickreall Creek Trail in Dallas.  Here are a few things the made my day.

A Band-tailed Pigeon, once numerous, now a real treat to find.

Flowering Currant, one that I helped volunteers plant a month ago.

Giant Trilliums, a rare native starting to bloom in good numbers. 

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  1. Great way to up lift the day! The flowering currant is one of my favorite spring bloomers.