Thursday, March 12, 2015

Gift of the Day

This morning while on a bird walk in the Dallas City Park this proud male Common Merganser lead his beautiful lady past me along the edge of Rickreall Creek. I have often wrote about the "gift of the day" in past blogs, and it seems to happen on a regular basis. The use of the word "gift" carries with it elements of surprise and pleasure. It is for me a sighting of a bird or plant, perhaps of the unexpected, a highlight of the day, and always puts a smile of my face. This mornings "gift" is a good example.  I had made a large loop through the Dallas City Park, noting as many birds that I could hear or see. I had spent about an hour with out anything significant or photographable. Then, as I came to the bridge to return to the car, this elegant pair appeared.  The most exciting thing was watching the female swim under water in search of fish or bugs. The water in Rickreall Creek was so clear I was able to watch her swim under water for a number of yards. I was surprised by both the distance and time that she was able to stay submerged. (click on the image for a larger view)