Tuesday, February 25, 2014

White-breasted Nuthatch

Saturday while showing some friends around the Salem Audubon Nature Reserve, we noticed some Black-capped Chickadees paying attention to two different artificial nesting cavities that volunteers have erected. This really got me excited, and I have been back every day, sometimes twice a day, hoping to be able to see and photograph some activity at any of the sites. I was back again this morning and did not see any activity at any of our constructed sites, but I did spot this White-breasted Nuthatch checking out a natural cavity.  Actually from the photo it looks like he spotted me, watching him. I continue to be fascinated with how much can be learned just by simple observation, and in this case it was not what I was expecting, but it was something new. We have six logs in place with artificial cavities, and three more logs to erect. You can bet I will be keeping close tabs on all of them with my fingers crossed. 

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  1. Oh yes, the White-breasted Nuthatch, one of my favorite birds. Their numbers have suffered as oak habitat has disappeared. They love to harvest sunflower seeds from backyard feeders. One of their robust calls resembles a man whistling for his dog. Lee