Sunday, February 9, 2014

Feeding Frenzy

Shown here is a male and four female Red-winged Blackbirds ganged up on one of our feeders. We don’t normally have Red-winged Blackbirds in our yard, but for the last two days a flock of 30 have taken advantage of the free hand outs.  Yesterday was a real feeding frenzy, we counted 23 different species of birds, and I took over 100 photos.

European Starlings at the suet feeder

American Robins at the bird bath

Golden-crowned Sparrow at the seed plate


  1. Record ebirding from the comfort of your home?

  2. Yes Patty, I guess I don't need to ever venture out in the cold and wet ever again.:)

  3. Because of you, I shoveled a path across my yard to clean, center, and fill the bird bath. Send some of your feathered friends here for a bath/drink.