Saturday, February 8, 2014

Our Closest Friend

This is our sweet little female Ann’s Hummingbird taken early this morning right outside our living room window. She is the first to arrive in the gray dawn to feed at the juice feeder, and the last to visit just before dark.  She has our complete sympathy as she attempts to cope with the extreme cold and snow.  We watch as she shivers on her perch and then makes a mad dash to the feeder to gulp down more juice, and then returns to this perch. She repeats this process all day long, interrupted only when the juice freezes and Jeanette has to bring in the feeder to thaw. At night we bring in the feeder to keep from freezing solid. Of course we have many more birds visiting our feeders especially now with the heavy snow, but I think this little hummer is our favorite, and with our being snowed in, maybe our closest friend.