Friday, February 14, 2014

Finding the Bewick's Wren

To take advantage of the dry weather yesterday we selected Minto-Brown Island Park for a dog/bird walk.  We discovered the park was essentially flooded, so only got in a short walk and only saw a few birds, of which this Bewick's Wren was our favorite.  I am surprised at how often we now see Bewick's Wrens. Once you learn to identify the Bewick’s Wren with its prominent white eye-brow, like most other birds, you see them all the time. We spotted this guy at a distance, but he was so busy flittering around in the bushes it was hard to catch him in a pose long enough for a photo.  Jeanette finally got out her iPhone and played his song which immediately brought him out into the open where he stood and sang his heart out.  Much to our surprise the female began scolding us behind our backs on the other side of the trail.   After some quick photos we left them to their territory.  


  1. You and Jeanette are SUCH TEASES with your iPhone calls. So nice that it works so well...we get to see the results of that work! Thanks!