Sunday, February 2, 2014


This Merlin is one of the birds that I have enjoyed watching the most these past few months from our home in Salemtowne. From our living room we frequently see it perched in the very top of a distant tree, and in fact we have seen it fly off from there and chase after small birds.  I reported my first sighting in Salemtowne in November¸ but I haven’t seen it for a few weeks now.  Knowing it is a winter visitor I was hoping it had not left for the far north yet.  Then this morning as I gazed out the living room window I spotted it on its familiar perch.  When I looked at it closer with the scope I realized it was tearing apart a small bird it had griped in its talons. About this time Buster decided it was time for a walk, and I thought what the heck perhaps we could get a closer look at the Merlin. By the time we had our shoes, coats, and hats on, and walked the four block route it takes to get closer in better light I was sure it would be gone.  It was still there but most of the evidence was missing.  It takes a real close look to see some of the remaining feathers in its talons.    


  1. Oh my! Beautiful, spectacular detail!

  2. That is a great shot of a handsome fella.

  3. This is an amazing picture. I always assume everything is a "hawk" I guess I'll have to become more observant.