Friday, October 4, 2013

Row River Nature Park

Yesterday while in route to taking Jeanette to the AMTRAK station in Eugene, we stopped in Cottage Grove for a walk and to do some birding at Row River Nature Park. This is a great place to bird, probably would be in my top ten, but I see almost no reported observations in e-Bird. Admittedly there is a good amount of name confusion with the place.  It used to be called East Regional Park, and a lot of locals, particularly fisherman, simply refer to it as Cottage Grove Ponds. For whatever reasons I don’t think it gets its deserved attention from birders.  It’s one of the most convenient locations to use, and I found it one of the most consistent producers for a nice variety of birds. On yesterday’s visit we saw three Great Blue Herons like this juvenile in the above photo.  We also saw four Green Herons, which are much more allusive and missed by a lot of people but always to be seen here. 

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