Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Buster the Rescue Dog

Buster is shown here eating his well-earned dinner after successfully guiding me back to the motor home.  This was the last night of our weekend get-away and I had decided to stay at Honeyman State Park, just south of Florence. Because it is late in the season, or was late in the day, the pay station was unmanned and in self-service mode, which means you select your site and then return and pay for it.  I selected a nice site and got set up and then walked back with Buster to pay.  On the return to the motor home I became unable to find the motor home! Bear in mind that this is a large campground with over 300 camping sites strung out in various loops and circles.  Buster had baulked at one of the turns and I had forced him to go straight, only for me to discover a few minutes later that I had chosen wrong.  We retraced out steps back to his baulking point and continued to another junction that he again balked, but I insisted because I had a map, and as I explained to Buster, “you can’t read the map”.  Shortly, I had to admit that I was unable to find the motor home. Even though all the sites are numbered, and all the loops are signed, and I had a map, I could not make any sense how to get back to the motor home.  Imagine how it would look for someone to find a confused old man sitting in the middle of the road bawling like a baby. So in desperation I let Buster lead and about three turns later he had us back to the motor home.  I was ever so grateful and appreciative, and proud to serve him his dinner.


  1. Donaldsville LarryOctober 8, 2013 at 4:28 PM

    Buster saves the day...and Jim needs a neurological exam?

  2. Yay, for Adventures with: Buster the WonderDog! I guess he can read ;)

  3. THAT is a great short story - suspence with a surprising feel-good ending!