Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pelican Update

We made a trip over to Sutherlin to Plat I Reservoir yesterday afternoon to check on the American White Pelican.  Of course we incorporated a number of errands in Sutherlin to justify that much driving for just one bird. It was our first observation in adequate light to get a good photo, as morning fog had hampered visibility on our earlier trips. We first spotted this pelican on October ninth, so he has been around for eight days now.  Not sure if he will hang around or eventually take off. They normally winter much further south. The reason for my intense curiosity is that they are a rare sight in Douglas County, with the last sighting reported to eBird for the county was in 2011.   


  1. The ponderings of the perplexing Plat I Pelican!

  2. Yes, indeed, I thought you would be interested in knowing.