Thursday, October 10, 2013

Birding at Plat I Reservoir

Yesterday afternoon the sun came out a little bit and we drove over to Plat I Reservoir, east of Sutherlin, to do some birding. The water level was the lowest I have ever seen, but it is drawn down annually for its purpose of flood and irrigation control.  We spotted large white birds immediately on our arrival, and I was assuming Great Egrets, but the first one I looked at with the binoculars was an American White Pelican.  The rest, fourteen in all, counted by Jeanette, were indeed Great Egrets. I was pleased because I was pretty sure the pelican would be a Douglas County first for this year for me.  I was surprised when I got home and got on eBird that it was classed as a “rare” bird for Douglas County, and not only a first for me for the year in Douglas County, but the first for anybody! In fact for all the years reported in eBird it had only been seen in 2011. I guess I’ll have to be returning to Plat I in the next few days to see if it hangs around. 

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