Monday, March 30, 2020

The Sweet Songs of Spring

This singing male White-crowned Sparrow started our birding day yesterday morning. He was in the Central Court Yard of the Dallas Retirement Village Lodge where we live.  Jeanette noticed him from our second story balcony patio, and called to me to get my camera. Calling male song birds announcing their presence in their best effort to attract a female is one of the great joys of spring.  We went out for an hour birdwalk here in our village campus and counted 16 different species of birds.  You can see our list of birds and photos by clicking here.  You can also see the complete Illustrated Checklist of the 44 species observed here at Dallas Retirement Village by clicking here. Ironically, the last bird on our list as we returned to our apartment was this singing male Dark-eyed Junco shown below.  He was on the roof top in the Central Court Yard.

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