Friday, March 20, 2020

The New Normal

As the corona virus further engulfs the world, the tightening controls are affecting us even here in the Dallas Retirement Village. All of the events, like the exercise classes we so enjoy and Picklball, have all been cancelled.  Consequently we have adopted a new daily schedule for oursleves. Our morning starts out the same with coffee and news and breakfast.  Then since Buster likes to sleep in, Jeanette and I go for a morning bird walk. This morning we drove to Independence where we walked the Riverview Park.  This is where I got the photo above of a female Anna's Hummingbird.  You can see the complete bird list here.  When we come back, there is generally a little computer time, and then lunch.  After lunch when the day has warmed we take Buster for a bird/dog walk, which today was to nearby Kingsborough Park.  I will write about that tomorrow.  Returning home we usually rest and clean-up before going to dinner. Just as we were about to leave for the dinning room today, we got a notice on the phone from the dinning room that it would be closed.  Tonight we got a notice at our door with the new plan of a daily meal available for delivery each afternoon to our apartment.  So our new plan will be private walks in the parks morning and afternoons, a meal delivered to our apartment, and we will provide our own breakfast and lunch.  Jeanette has been working, and will continue working on movie streaming to break up the TV news. So this is our new normal.

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