Friday, March 6, 2020

The Secret to Successful Birding

A rainy afternoon has given me the leisure to sit at my desk in the den and contemplate this past week of birding, which finished off our second month here at Dallas Retirement Village.  It has been a successful week, and for that matter two months.  Almost daily in talking with other residents, they tell me there aren't very many birds here.  At first I refused to be discouraged, and now I am continually puzzled.  I don't claim to have extraordany bird finding skills,  certainly don't have the best eyesight, and a good memory is a thing of the past. But I do get out everyday and look for birds, and that consitent effort, my friends, is what I believe breeds success. The following are high-lights from this past week.

 Monday's suprise was this strutting Wild Turkey tom, doing his best to follow along and impress a dozen or so Wild Turkey hens. As it turns out these Turkeys roam freely through the Dallas Retirement Village yards and streets at their own discretion.

 Tuesday's treasure was an Acorn Woodpecker male checking out a potential nesting cavity. Unfortunately when I checked the location this morning it looked like a pair of European Starlings has layed claim to this nesting site, as well as other Starlings are taking over a close-by site in a cottonwood tree which has housed an Acorn Woodpecker granary.

 Wendsday's find was this Red-breasted Sapsucker.  Usually known for their nice neat line-up of holes that serve as reservoirs for sap and traps for insects, this bird seems to be removing a large section of bark.

 Thursday's bright spot was a pair of Western Bluebirds checking out a nesting box I have put up in the Dallas Retirement Village community garden area.  Males, as shown here, always seem to like to check out the nesting box for several days before they allow the female to set up house.

Friday's sweet song came from a singing Spotted Towhee male.  You can probably understand why this Towhee was formerly called a Rufus-sided Towhee.

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