Sunday, March 29, 2020

Dispare - Distraction - Discovery

Most of my mornings begin in a fog of despair over the conditions facing our nation with the corona virus and this presidency.  Fortified with my morning coffee, I come up with a distraction for the day, which usually has to do with birds and some out door exercise.  The discovery I have made this week is the amazing live stream from the Osprey Nest at the Riverview Park in Independence.  It is possibly the best live stream I have ever seen. Right now is a perfect time to watch it as the pair of Osprey are just starting to develop the nest site.  In the photo above taken off of my laptop screen yesterday, the male has just brought in a stick for the waiting female. The next action was x-rated, and was repeated many times.  According to Stokes Guide to Bird Behavior, this courtship behavior by Osprey can occour as many as fifteen to twenty times a day! Click on the link here and be ready to have something to watch in the privacy of your own home.

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