Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Orange Grove RV Park Again

We are camped at the Orange Grove RV Park in Bakersfield, California.  We recalled yesterday as we drove from our overnight parking spot at the Atwater Walmart south of Modesto that we have  stopped to  camp here on our way to Southern California or Arizona for almost 20 years now. Located on the east side of Bakersfield it is a perfect stopping place before heading over the Tehachapi Pass and out into the Mohave Desert. It has all the conveniences, so we always dump the waste tanks, take on fresh water, charge up the batteries, do laundry,  and of course pick as many ripe oranges as we want. It's a popular stop for RVers, and even though we got here early in the day at 12:15, we got the last available site.  We have now been on the road for a week since escaping the snow storms in Oregon, and are adapting to our home on wheels a little more with every mile. Daily we have to deal with leaks and squeaks, and rattles, and the stress of traffic, which seem much more stressful than 20 years ago, but we are determined to travel on.  

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