Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Buckskin Mountain State Park

male Vermillion Flycatcher

The Vermillion Flycatcher is one of the favorite birds for anyone visiting Buckskin Mountain State Park.  You can always count on seeing a pair in the volley ball area on the westside of the store.  When we arrived here two days ago we spotted the female right away, but it wasn't until late yesterday afternoon  that I found the male, and he was doing his flycatching on the opposite side of the store.  From his lighter than usual coloring I am thinking he is an immature male, which may account for him hanging around away from the female. 

Buckskin Mountain State Park itself is also a favorite of ours.  We first "discovered" the park in 2005 while on a cross-county trip to Florida, it's outstanding trail system was the draw for us at that time. We returned to volunteer here for several winters, starting in 2009, with me working on the trails, leading nature hikes and bird walks, and Jeanette working in the office. On this trip we have stayed two nights, and it has been special as we recall all the good times we have enjoyed here.  With out a doubt it has been flavored by the good weather.  For the first time since leaving Oregon three weeks ago we are seeing daytime temps in the 70's.  In fact the forecast for the next fifteen days calls for temps in the 70s and 80s with zero percent chance of rain. 

female Vermillion Flycatcher


  1. Haven't commented in awhile, JimBo, but always good to see your photography and read your trail-tales. So sad for you that you will miss out on our chance of FZR (you KNOW what that means!) and also snow flurries "to the Valley floor" come this Thursday night through Friday morning. So glad for you that you are in the 70's, my friend. Best to my Cuz!

  2. Thanks for writing Larry. I have missed your comments. I am always encouraged by your wit and wisdom.

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